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"I have worked with Jim on numerous deals over the past two years including one this past summer. Jim is a true professional with a wealth of M&A experience and the ability to make simple what clients and others think is complex. We worked together on a deal earlier this year where there were little possibilities to find a partner for a client who was struggling to stay afloat. Within two weeks, Jim brought two great potentials to the table. This helped to trigger the client to a call for action that had been lacking prior. Jim also has a good operating background which helps him to quickly grasp the business model, flaws and opportunities it could bring. I would welcome the opportunity to partner with Jim in the future and recommend him highly for those looking for the M&A expertise." Kevin Lombardo, Founder and CEO, Summit Group Partners

"Peter Shepard is a very unique asset in corporate leadership. He is most often titled and tasked as a CFO and it is a role he is extremely well qualified to fulfill in most organizational structures, from start up to large cap. Peter is also fully capable to fulfill other C suite roles as well, and has. It is Peter's entrepreneurial experience & acumen that set him apart from most CFO's and quite frankly, most corporate leaders I have had the pleasure to work with. Peter has a strong grasp of corporate development, appropriate infrastructure, process and works well with others within organizational hierarchy. Last, Peter has that uncommon ability that I believe is part experiential, part business instinct, to see what obstacles lay just ahead as opposed to reacting to them when they occur. These skills and Peter's measured personality are a powerful and successful set of leadership tools." Ted Caulkins, COO, Gameworking

""Jim's consultation was a defining element in our company's growth this year and he got all our team members on the same page to maintain and grow the company's profitability." Joe Riche, Owner, Demiurge LLC

"I have known Peter for several years now and had the opportunity to engage with him in 2009 as Spinnaker looked to expand it's business through M&A. Peter brings a unique combination of skills to the table, fully leveraging his legal and financial background to the benefit of his clients. He has an uncanny ability to "see the forest through the trees" and has the tenacity to complete complex transactions, all the while representing the best interests of his clients." Mike Pardun, Principal, Spinnaker Management Group

"Mr. Shepard is an astute disciplined business professional with a broad wealth of experience in real estate, private equity and venture capital. I have worked with Peter on a variety of transactions, restructurings and strategic evaluations and implementations over the past five years. In every case, Peter's sound judgment, exemplary ethics, creative structuring, work ethic and "can do" attitude led to successful outcomes. Peter's skills, knowledge and creativity will benefit any team focused on moving their organization forward. Please do not hesitate to contact me as a reference." Parker Brophy, Partner, Mustang Capital Partners

"Jim's...client relationship skills are excellent and he has strong business development skills. His interpersonal nature makes him very enjoyable to work with...I would not hesitate to recommend him to others." Will Hill, President & Managing Director, FMI Capital Advisors, Inc.

"I have worked with Peter Shepard over a number of years and in a number of different capacities: as a client, as a fellow board member for non-profits, and as a resource for my work. In all of these scenarios, Peter has done his homework and approached each situation with a fresh perspective that provides insight while taking the existing stakeholders into account. He is a good listener, and treats everyone as equals. He can read a room in just a few minutes with accuracy and diplomacy. Peter has always been forthcoming, thoughtful, and direct. His intelligence coupled with his complete lack of arrogance is refreshing; and he combines these traits with a great sense of humor. I would recommend Peter to any organization who wants a strategic thinker with finesse, who really can get along with just about anyone!" Amy St. Denis, Managing Director, ZRG, Inc

"Peter is a real M&A professional who understands the process and conducts business in a very efficient and straightforward manner. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others in any capacity." Craig Meis, Interim CFO, H2X

"Jim quickly and accurately analyzed New Energy/Clean Tech businesses and provided valuable and actionable strategic insights for our clients. His strong financial analysis skills and work ethic contributed significantly to our team's successes. I highly recommend Jim and will be glad to speak in more depth regarding his abilities." Tim Huckaby, Managing Director - New Energy, FMI Capital Advisors

"Peter has been great in an advisory role and has provided helpful insight into some of Integrated Resource Development's business transactions." Dave Iadarola, Principal, Integrated Resource Development LLC

"Jim Nollsch worked for our firm at a time when we most desperately needed his expertise and dedication. As a start-up technology company, we were always seeking talent that was above our ability to pay...Jim was our first "real" hire in terms of having the credentials and the skill set required to help us move forward. We've since sold the company and without Jim's participation in our growth at a critical juncture, that would never have been possible." Dee Rambeau, Owner, The Fuel Team

"Peter brought highly valuable expertise and credibility to our work writing a business plan and seeking funding for our spin out. His work was instrumental in gaining our initial seed funding. And not only is his work of the highest quality, he is a joy to work with. Most highly recommended." James Shepard, COO, TapRoot Foundation

"Peter assisted us on a business valuation and his wealth of knowledge and hands on approach makes him a true professional. Thanks again Peter!" Mike Duggan, Owner, Duggan Petroleum, CEO, 5280 Acquisitions

"I worked with Jim on many corporate and business development projects for McDATA. He has excellent business strategy and financial analysis skills that allow him to examine a business and write a solid strategy/business plan. I would highly recommend Jim for any executive level strategy position." Tom McGimpsey, Executive Vice President, Bus Dev and GC, McDATA Corporation

"I worked for Peter while he was President & CEO at Capterra Financial Group. Peter is a dynamic individual who brought energy, direction and focus to our organization. He was a pleasure to work for and someone I would highly recommend as I think he adds tremendous value to an organization." Bob Lynn, Senior Vice President - Investments, Capterra Financial Group

"I worked for Peter while he was President & CEO at Capterra Financial Group. Peter is a dynamic individual who brought energy, direction and focus to our organization. He was a pleasure to work for and someone I would highly recommend as I think he adds tremendous value to an organization." Bob Lynn, Senior Vice President - Investments, Capterra Financial Group

"Jim was a major asset to the Business Development group. His strategic and financial acumen are exceptional.I could trust Jim to work on the most important and difficult projects we had. Additionally, Jim was able to forge the interpersonal relationships necessary to ensure that all parties were engaged in working towards a positive outcome." Peter Dougherty, VP, McDATA Corporation

"I had the good fortune to work with Jim early in his career. Jim performed very well under the pressures of a dot-com booming firm. He recruited exceptionally well. He oversaw the maturation of significant elements of our development process, inventing and introducing change to a group without disrupting it. Jim's strong customer advocacy was well known in the company -- he served as a compass on doing the right thing that I'm sure will serve him well in future endeavors." Ray Henderson, VP Product Development, eCollege

"Peter was hired as a CFO at GDBA, and only after few months he was asked to step in and become the CEO for one of our Portfolio Companies. I was sad to see him go, as I viewed him as someone I can learn a lot from. His unique combination of a law and business degree, allows him to be a lot more critical when analyzing a problem or making business decision. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to terms sheets, deal structuring, business valuation, corporate governance, etc. I would love to have the opportunity to work with him in the future." Diana Oswald, Investment Manager, GDBA Investments

"Peter quickly evaluated SolarGen USA LLC business, proposed a bridge loan solution, and prepared an offering memo. Within a month of our scoping meeting the bridge loan was closed. Thank Peter for the quick and expert work." Doug Carter, CEO SolarGen USA LLC

"I had the pleasure of working with Peter at GDBA Investments, and in a different capacity at Capterra Financial Group. Peter is highly analytical, and has an impressive understanding of economics, investments, real estate, venture capital, strategic planning, and accounting. He also has an impressive ability to focus on certain details that many professionals in similar positions ignore that prove to be extremely important." Chad Wanger, President, GDBA Investments

"Peter has a unique ability to visualize the big picture concepts and develop execution strategies in support of the business unit end state. His overall support of the project delivery process in execution of our multi-national retail program provided the required leadership necessary for our success. I would be excited to work with Mr. Shepard if the opportunity arises." Jim Williams, Director of Construction, Millennium Venture Group

"I had the pleasure of working with Peter at Millennium Venture Group for two years. Peter is a business professional of the highest integrity and as the CFO, displayed great expertise not only in developing the strategic vision for the company but also in executing that vision through his knowledge of the real estate industry, careful financial planning, his leadership skills, and his 'hands-on' work ethic. He served as a great mentor to colleagues and employees alike and would be the first person I would recommend for any business enterprise." Kenneth Chen, Director of Leasing, Millennium Venture Group

"I served as President of Real Estate and Chief Legal Officer with Peter at Millennium Venture Group. Peter is one of the most intelligent and results-oriented individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Peter's strongest attributes in business are that he is leader in all senses of the word, and an "execution artist". Peter's tireless drive towards achieving and exceeding goals, while maintaining a stellar reputation and strong ethical foundation, is something to be greatly admired. Peter is a great friend and colleague." Zachary Darrow, President of Real Estate & CLO, Millennium Venture Group

"Our company had a very challenging product to deliver to our customers that entailed site selection, leasing, financing, design and permitting, construction and maintenance. Peter was consistently a reliable and intelligent resource providing accurate and beneficial input across all of these disciplines. I will certainly look for the chance to work with Peter again." Gerry Albanese., Vice President, Millennium Venture Group

"Peter fell far afield of the stereotypical venture capital investor - he was more than ready to apply his depth and breadth of financial experience in direct, hands-on fashion in assisting the company through its formative, and often challenging, transition phase and was instrumental in maturing it to the point of stability. Peter also exhibited strong overall business acumen, strategic planning, tactical/execution expertise and professionalism that were relied upon heavily. Aside from his strong business skills, Peter was always a pleasure to work with and I would consider any organization that he joins to be extremely fortunate." Steven Anderson, COO, eProject (Daptiv)