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Working with Athena

Athena not a typical consultancy. We do not prepare voluminous reports that sit a shelf but, instead, take an active role as a temporary or part-time member of your management team. Athena understands that most often, small and medium sized businesses' scarcest resource is time. With that in mind, Athena focuses not just on planning and advice, but execution and results.

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Contact us today for a no-risk, no-obligation consultation.

Athena works with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, VC/PE Firms, Investment Banks and other intermediaries to help companies grow, prepare for capital or sale transactions or work through special situations. Working with Athena provides businesses an affordable way to gain the quality and experience of a seasoned CFO without the overhead or risks associated with a full-time, permanent employee.


Part-Time, Project-Based, Temporary, or Ad Hoc Engagements.


Fixed, Hourly, and Incentive-Based Fee Structures.

Low Risk

No Employee Benefits, Payroll Taxes or HR Liabilities. No Long Term Commitments.


Get the Quality and Experience of a Seasoned CFO and the Results to Match.