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Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms

Athena brings to bear its diverse experience, as both former venture capital & private equity principal and CFO & CEO of several VC & PE-backed companies, to provide solutions for your portfolio companies' financial and transactional needs. Working with Athena provides businesses an affordable way to gain the quality and experience of a seasoned CFO without the overhead or risks associated with a full-time, permanent employee. Athena also works directly for VC, PE and other investors providing due diligence and transaction support services.

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Due Diligence

Being fully prepared and mitigating risk prior to pursuing a transaction can have a dramatic impact on the success (or failure) and terms of a potential transaction. For operating companies engaged in M&A or Capital Formation efforts or on behalf of PE and VC Investors, Athena leverages its experience from both sides of the table to provide a comprehensive due diligence and financial analysis solution. Athena's due diligence services enhance visibility, reduce risk, decrease costs and transaction times, and help improve overall execution.


For businesses that require the knowledge and skills of an experienced CFO, Athena's suite of FirstCFO services provides a cost-effective, temporary or part-time solution. From business planning & proforma modeling to financial systems design & implementation, or fully outsourced accounting & finance, Athena helps small and growing businesses leverage their time, and build the infrastructure needed for sustained success.