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Corporate Finance & Development

Athena has the experience to assist you in all aspects of M&A. Distinct, and synergistic to, investment banking, Athena can serve as your company's temporary CFO or Development Officer, help you leverage your time, and ensure transactional success.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

From strategy and sourcing through structuring, due diligence and closing, being fully prepared and running a deliberate process can have a dramatic impact on transactional success. Whether buy or sell-side, M&A is time-consuming and can be a tremendous distraction from your core business. Working synergistically with your investment banker, or if you are going to market directly, Athena can help you; prepare for and execute on due diligence, go to market in an organized manner, analyze projected dilution and control issues, and structure and negotiate terms in order to avoid pitfalls and achieve optimal results.

Investment Analysis

Decisions to develop a new product, launch a new marketing program, or purchase new equipment are difficult for young companies - particularly when they lack the hard data to fully analyze the potential investment. Athena can help break down your financial and operational data and build comprehensive pro-forma models which incorporate cost of capital, return on investment (ROI) analysis and help ensure alignment with your strategic and business plans.

Business Planning & Modeling

Do you have detailed visibility on your financial performance? Can you assess the return on investment (ROI) of investment made in new equipment, new lines of business, or new hires? Athena can break down your past financial data, understand your segmented expenses, cost of capital, and profitability, and with that information help create future-looking analyses and business cases in support of business plans and investment decisions.